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ExaDrive the world’s biggest SSD times in at 100TB

The world has another record holder for the biggest SSD, and it comes in at 100TB. The Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100 is another, huge drive that is as of now being tried with select clients and will be accessible to buy this mid-year.

The organization says the DC100 will use 3D NAND streak memory, which can give enough ability to store 20,000 HD motion pictures or 20 million melodies, (if individuals still downloaded music), and is fit for reading and compose velocities of 500MB/s. Glow Data is likewise completely ensuring the drive for a long time without limitation, so if your reasonable expensive drive kicks the basin amid that period you can get it supplanted.

As normal with these huge drives, they aren’t focused at shoppers, yet they do give a look into a not so distant future that may enable us to never consider clearing up storage room on our PCs.



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